1. Eliminates damaged doors and jambs caused by failures of the duplex nail or other devices during assembly and/or shipping.
  2. Installs in seconds. Raised cross-tee features on the bolt assure faster and easier assembly in the shop and disassembly in the field.
  3. Saves time of predrilling hardwood or pre-finished jambs.
  4. Telegraphs misalignment of strike prep and edge bore before the door unit leaves the shop.
  5. Saves money on costly call backs on damaged door complaints in the field or in the customers’ warehouse.
  6. Acts as an alignment guide for the installer while hanging the door unit.
  7. Performs as a latchbolt on 2-3/8″ backsets on exterior door units during construction to keep entry door or swinging patio door closed without use of wedges or other devices.
  8. Reusable and recyclable.


It’s simply the best way to ship and handle pre-hung door units! Try it soon, your customers will thank you for it!

Special Note to Installer

Remove bolt from back side of jamb before installation of the unit. Plug portion may remain in the door and jamb while setting the door unit in rough opening. Plug may engage or disengage jamb as needed while aligning door unit.

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